Mark Kovach
Mark enjoys fishing and loves sharing his skills and knowledge with other anglers. A storyteller at heart, he is always full of smallmouth tales and techniques for his sports. Mark’s at home in a seminar room, on the casting field and while rowing through rapids.


John Hayes
John’s endless pursuit of the smallmouth bass and a love of flowing water fuels his desire to share experiences with other anglers. Fly or spin fishing combined with instructional gab, good food, and a fine cigar make for a special day on the river.


Butch Murphy
Butch picked up his first fly rod at age 7 and has been at it ever since. Clients enthusiastically respond to his passion for excellence in angling and guiding. Although he fishes for most species, his first love is for fly and spin fishing for smallmouth bass regardless of the season.


Mark Frondorf
Mark loves smallmouth fishing. He stays up on the cutting edge of new techniques, flies and lures. He has stalked smallies as far away as Maine and the Great Lakes, but his greatest enjoyment is sharing the secrets of the beautiful Potomac and Shenandoah River bronzebacks.